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What is the Family Leadership Workshop?

This workshop is designed exclusively for parents of our Success Coaching Students. We invite you to learn from a world-renowned professor and parent of eight children, Dr. Dean Kashiwagi. For over 25 years, Dr. Dean has been leadership education methods in the home and workplace. In this 2-hour session he will share in-depth life experiences involving his own children that brings insight to a different way of parenting that results in happier children, less stress for parents, and a loving environment at home.

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What will you learn?


How to develop leadership traits that will make parenting easier


How to manage your's and your children's stress


How to create a loving environment in the home


How to understand and teach your children in a effective way


What to do with a child that is struggling with social issues


How to help your children be successful in the future

Dr. Dean T. Kashiwagi

Now a retired professor from Arizona State University, Dr. Dean enjoys helping parents lead their families. He is an accomplished author, life coach, mentor and has won numerous awards. Prior to ASU, he served 14 years in the U.S. Air Force and retired as a Major. Dr. Dean is married with eight children.

Come see what we're teaching your children:

Stressing Less

Maintain mental stability by keeping strong relationships and understanding basic principles of life

Learning Faster

Observe and learn from events by not thinking, making decisions, or trying to control people

Giving More

Giving back to society by adding value in something that you are good at and that you love to do

and "After just two months of success coaching and parenting workshops, our kids are setting their own goals, mapping out plans... all of this is motivated from within. Our family dynamics are improving too!

-Pamela Traum, D.C. (Traum Chiropractic)

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